Report a Phish

Report a Phishing URL

PhishBlocklist detects and tracks millions of active and emerging phishing URLs every day—but the internet is a pretty large place and it's difficult to catch them all. If you think you've found a new or unidentified phishing URL, let us know! We'll have our AI-powered detection system analyze it and a web analyst will review to verify. Thanks in advance—your contribution helps protect hundreds of millions of users around the world!

Check a URL Category on zveloLIVE

Check a URL Category on zveloLIVE

If you're web filtering, antivirus, or network security application or network requires more than just advanced phishing detection—look no further. The zveloDB™ URL Database offers industry-leading coverage and accuracy with support for nealry 500 highly granular topic-based, objectionable, and and ten (10) malicious categories (phishing is just one of the threats to be aware of). The zveloDB URL Database and zvelo technology powers many of the market's leading security providers.

But don't take our word for it. Try it for yourself on zveloLIVE.